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Executing Enterprise Architecture is linked with the people who perform the task.  The quality of the output is directly proportional to the quality of people who are involved irrespective of the framework that is being used.  If an organization is setting its course for transformation, Alignment or Innovation agenda, it is very important to understand and acknowledge the qualities of people involved in defining the architecture roadmap. To provide a point of view,  I can go ahead and reflect on my experiences or I can visit again one of the frameworks for reference points.  I have chosen to try a different approach.  I am trying to evaluate the qualities of Enterprise Architecture people by taking reference from ancient Tamil Classic - Tirukural written by Thiruvalluvar.  Thiruvalluvar has written 10 couplets specifically for Ministers (in ancient times) out of 133... (more)

Business Change: When Is the Right Time?

Recently I have been exploring about the context of Change within the Enterprise.   As everyone knows driving change is an interesting art and companies are aiming to achieve their sustainability in various methods.   However, I had a question in my mind - how would you know when is the right time to make the change? Vicious Cycle If a company is driving change internally because of the driving factors from external forces then the level of resistance is generally higher.  Equally the proactive ‘change triggers' from within the companies take lots of time to embed due to the nat... (more)

The Consequences of Cloud Adoption

Alright, Joe Blog, I am the new CIO and I want to cut costs and ride the organization to the next-generation wave of cloud-based services....! Impressive.... It allows the organization to ride on the new wave...we will have a more sophisticated platform, we will have a new solution that is cost effective...more control (?!) and so on.... Needless to say, cloud-based solutions have their advantages and are impressive enough for organizations to test and embrace. I wonder how much time organizations spend thinking about the consequences of cloud adoption and how they can be ready ... (more)

Transformational Leader - Delivering Business Change

I am thinking about the qualities of a transformational leader. Awhile ago I remember seeing the charter for the Future State CIO defining various qualities. I would like to put this in context based on my experience and draw conclusions on how to become a transformation leader responsible for driving business change. "To change or not to change" Few years back, I was asked to go to a consulting engagement focusing on ‘release management.' The message was simple: we need a ‘gatekeeper.' It was an interesting role and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. The client is a large-scale org... (more)

How Companies Can Reap the Benefits of Cloud Computing?

Organizations are going through unprecedented level of changes to meet their changing customer behaviours and advancements in the IT such as Service Orientation and Cloud-based services.  In this status quo, Organisations are facing with challenges ranging from changing their workforce to adapt to the needs of the new IT initiatives to building a sustainable platform for future growth.  While this is not imperative at first, every enterprise architect will be facing some form or shape of these challenges in the organisation. Although there is an argument that outsource service pr... (more)